Thorin Takes His Time Telling Me A Terrific Short Story –

I have written before about apraxia of speech which in simple terms means Thorin knows what he wants to say but he has difficulty organizing his thoughts and communicating them.*

True understanding takes time, patience and some help. We live in a do-it-faster-sort-of-world. As a result Thorin is often left out of the conversation. It’s a shame because he has such great thoughts.

Recently,I posted some of his stories and drawings** but what I have never posted is how he gets to the end product. He gave me permission for the first time to post how he does that– so today I am sharing that process with you. It takes 8:41 minutes. I think it’s worth it.

*For more on apraxia 

**Stan Lee, It’s Thorin’s Mother Calling, Stephen King Has Nothing On My Kid, Thorin Tells Me A Very Big, Short Story About Heroism, Collaborative Storytelling.

For more on the show Thorin referenced: Monster High. Don’t judge me:)