We Love Coco

I’m referring to Coco the movie not our lovely mini-dachshund who died– although we adored her.


Thorin and I went to Coco today. We were going to go to Wonder— even though I wasn’t convinced it wouldn’t give false hope. Thorin was more than game though to see Wonder– even rejecting going to Justice League again. Is it that bad?

His intensity in wanting to see Wonder made me feel even more vigilant.

When he saw Coco was also a possibility he changed his mind quickly– happily. Amen!

I hope Coco isn’t culturally insensitive because this will become a crap review. Thorin and I loved it. Tackling death and your life’s purpose in the same movie is a lot for children or any age person. We are supposed to fear both things. Avoid them in fact.

Coco made the after life seem like community. It was comforting. Glorious actually. Thorin related it to Bubba and it helped. Strangely we had talked about spirit guides earlier in the day totally unrelated to the film– there are spirit guides in the movie! How awesome is that?

Sort of lazy on my part but watch this:

The 21 minute “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” film that plays before Coco is a real shit brick. Pre-buy your tickets and show up just as it’s ending. WTF were they thinking? We all love Olaf but why degrade him to some lounge act performer or any actor who ever appeared on Love Boat. I whispered to Thorin twice: “Are we in the wrong theater?”

He shushed me both times. Thirteen minutes into this frozen fiasco the 6 year-old behind us told her friend, an equally young audience member, who wondered if they were in the wrong theater, “This is a thing they do now. This one’s long.”

Forty-three minutes into Coco one of those girls behind us got scared. A mother said, “”You said you thought you could do this.”

After some muffled conversations they all left. It seemed like a lovely thing to do. Thorin and I were the only ones in the theater after that.

I saw first-hand the meaning Thorin was applying to the movie as he watched it. His profile was of a boy and someone not completely a boy but a young man. Thorin has experienced great and profound lost. We don’t talk about that much because he won’t. Coco the movie helped him. I don’t know completely how but it has.

Stories give us meaning. And when we are very lucky we do as Pauline Kael said, “… [Lose] It At The Movies.”

I’m nervous about Wonder. Will it pale in comparison?

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