The Marcy’s Diner Debacle Part 2: Well, someone went THERE

Yesterday, I blogged about an emotionally charged and highly debated incident at Marcy’s Diner in the city we reside. The upshot: I was thrilled the child in question was not a “special needs child” or a “Down syndrome child”. Long story short of that post: I am sick of children with cognitive challenges being examined ad nauseam on social media with regard to appropriate restaurant demeanor. Rest assured I am not alone HERE.

Then, today I read this:

marcy's diner

The Bangor Daily News is reporting this is not in fact the handiwork of one, Darla Neugebauer, owner of Marcy’s, but in fact the work of unknown parties who hacked her account.

Regardless, someone felt the need to go THERE. What is it with the narrative surrounding restaurants and children who have cognitive challenges? Where is *this* coming from? Who benefits from this narrative? Who doesn’t?

The redundant paring of untalented celebrities sans underpants who make sex tapes I get. Innocent children not so much.

Sure, I could brag that I was prescient in my concern’s of the event that unfolded in a small diner in the city I live but I wish I had been wrong.