Home School Re-boot: When Will I Learn?

When you teach a child something you take away forever his chance of discovering it for himself.” ~ Jean Piaget

We started back homeschooling in earnest this past Monday after a lovely unstructured Summer. I was psyched. I was prepared in a way I wasn’t this time last year. Last year I flailed.

This year I had worksheets. I had lesson plans. I had notebooks and folders. I had an electric pencil sharpener. I was Gung-Ho and on-task!

By day 2 — Thorin was disliking me very much. I sensed my “enthusiasm” came across as pressuring and controlling.

On Wednesday I addressed this with him while driving in the car mostly so he couldn’t take off:

“So, do you feel stressed about homeschool?”

“No talking, drive, please” he said.

I immediately realized my error. I would start again with me and the truth:

“I am stressed about homeschooling. I feel like a failure. I think I am pressuring you.”

From the back seat: “Yes.”

“I’m pressuring you?” I asked.


“Do you want to go to the beach? I think I need to figure this out.”

“Yes. Good!” he said.

So, we went to the beach. He body surfed and I contemplated what I was doing wrong. I realized he needed to be a part of this. Didn’t I learn that lesson last year?

Thursday, I asked Thorin to tell me a story.

Santa the mouse

Santa the mouse

Santa and the Zombie 

The mouse named Santa said, “Ho! Ho! Ho!” He took his beard off to go surfing.

He ran on the hot sand. He sees a Zombie down in a hole.

Santa hits the Zombie –BOOM in the head!*

Zombie gets up and dives in the water.

Zombie by Thorin

Zombie by Thorin

Santa farts and poops.

The End

*Thorin wanted both characters to die horrible deaths. I did say: “Rule for today, no ones dies, please.”  He offered: “Pooping then!” Fair enough.

Thorin and I are in this together. I have to remember that for this to work.

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