Big Beast and Slipper Peck

Thorin wanted the story to start with yelling. That gave me an opportunity to introduce ‘conflict’.

I asked: “If it begins with yelling what is the problem?”

“The mother” he said. I told him there is a longstanding tradition in writing based on that very idea.

Today’s story includes video rather than drawings and a little bit about our process. Notice my not so subtle attempts at controlling the narrative.

And now please enjoy:

Big Beast and Slipper Peck

“It’s time to go!” said Momma Beast.

“I DON’T WANT TO!!!!!!!” Big Beast yells and growls. He stomps away and farts.

He sees Slipper Peck who walks with a cane. He is old. He used to be a dancer pirate.

Momma Beast yells, “GO TO YOUR ROOM!”

Big Beast yells: “NO!”

He and Slipper Peck go eat cheese burgers.

The theater classes are paying off in character development:

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