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Seven Things My Kid With Down Syndrome Does I Never Could



You Get The One You’re Supposed to




Home Schooling, and Teaching, a child with Down Syndrome







4 thoughts on “Featured Content

  1. Dear Kari, I have enjoyed reading your blog. As a former English major, though, I cringe each time I see the “my son and I” when it should say “my son and ME”. One of the first lessons in teaching grammar is to remove the “my son and” part of the phrase and see if it remains correct. Thus “day to day life with {my son and} I” is clearly incorrect. One would never say,” day to day life with I”. Since you are now homeschooling your son, even more important that he learn correct grammar. I tried to find an email or way to send this without making it a comment on your blog, but couldn’t find one. I really have enjoyed your stories and hope no offense will be taken where it is not intended.

    • No offense! I had 2 people review before I sent to Huffington and questioned them both about that. I thought I would leave it up to editors there who obviously missed it too. I won’t forget again:)

  2. Hi Kari-
    I just found your Huffington Post article about how to tell your son he has Down Syndrome and I want to thank you for writing it (and also to tell you that we are in compete agreement on what’s up with Caillou). Our son Rennie is fast approaching his 15th (I know) birthday and I am realizing that because we see him as his own individual, wonderful person we haven’t really dealt with how he is perceived by other and what the Down Syndrome label means to him. It is hard when you aspire to encouraging your child to be their best (and you can see their capabilities and possibilities) to tell them that they are defined by society as having significant genetic limitations – but your approach was great and I am totally planning to steal it for a conversation with my son – thank you.
    I am also really glad I found your blog and will be following you in the future – again, thank you.

    • Diana please for my delay! I’m convinced Caillou is really some “Paul is dead” cult thing. And thanks for your kind words! I think it is such a process of understanding identity — for all of us.

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