imgres#WhatsWorking: Political Gains For Disabilities

I participate on a panel discussion hosted on HuffPost Live on Clinton’s platform on autism and advocacy for individuals with disabilities.


Margaret Sullivan, Public Editor, New York Times– response to my post regarding The Times moderation of readers comment concerning people with Down syndrome.


Best-selling writer rights R-word wrong

Coverage of my open letter to (former) Ethicist for The New York Times– Chuck Klosterman and his response.


Kari Wagner-Peck on “the r-word” and Chuck Klosterman’s apology



A mom seeks justice—and gets an amazing apology




How To Tell Your Child They’re Different

Nancy Redd interviews me about my post: How I Told My Seven Year Old Son He Has Down Syndrome


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  1. Hello Kari, I auditioned to tell your story. I haven’t heard back with yea or nay. Just wondered if you were still looking for a narrator. I hope you and your family are well and very happy! Shelly vanderGaag

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