Not Always Happy is featured in the short film, Parents with a Megaphone, one of Special Olympics 50 films for their 50th Anniversary Celebration film series co-produced with ESPN. The other parents are John G. McGingley, actor in Scrubs, and Gail Williamson, a talent agent who only represent actors with disabilities, October 31, 2018.

Maine Women’s Magazine’s Amy Canfield reviews Not Always Happy, Hot Maine Mamas, February, 2017.

Heidi Sistare reviews my book Not Always Happy for the Portland Press Herald, November, 2017

Great preview! The Portland Phoenix, November, 2017, Megan Grumbling, Theater Preview, Social Justice Storytelling.

Fantastic review of the premiere of ‘Not Always Happy’ the storytelling production in the Portland Press Herald, November, 2017, Daphne Howland, Theater Review: ‘Not Always Happy’ Always Entertaining.

I love this interview with Kate Irish Collins from The Forecaster! She gets it. Please click here to read it.

I was on LIVE with Frankie Boyer on her syndicated, Lifestyle Show, part of BizTalk Radio. I love her relaxed way and her voice! Click here to listen in. I start at 16:15min. July 7, 2017.

I had the most amazing interview with Daniel Smrokowski! He is founder of Special Chronicles, a pioneering nonprofit new media network that gives respect and voice to people with special needs. Daniel is also involved as an Athlete and Global Messenger with Special Olympics Illinois. Please click here now to hear our awesome conversation.

Big thanks to Alexander Lim of AuthorStory and the program producer Alvin Ramirez for a great conversation published June 18th on among other things that disability is part of the human experience.

Review of my PortFringe Festival performance June 20th. “Not Always Happy is intimate, emotional, tender, funny, touching storytelling perfectly suited to its venue…click for more.

I spoke with Dr. Charles Lee of Grok’s Science Show on May 31 about many things including social change agents and opposititonal consciousness.

I was on Conversations With Peter Solomon, May 28th, talking about Not Always Happy: An Unusual Parenting Journey.

I was on the Larry Whitler Show. May 26th, we talked about institutionalization, homeschooling and the misconceptions of Down syndrome.

I had quite a conversation with Faune Riggin on her Morning Show, KZIM-KSIM, St. Louis on May 23. I did my best to bust stereotypes about Down syndrome, talked home schooling and bong hits (not mine).

I had a lovely conversation with Ernie Brown from Trending Today USA on May 19th about May being National Foster Care Month: My interview begins at minute 22:49. You can forwarded it to just me– so cool!

I had the good fortune to be interviewed by Hara Estroff Marano, editor at large, Psychology Today, author of : A Nation of Wimps: The High Cost of Invasive Parenting. I invite you to read my interview: Not Always Happy, The Book Brigade Talks to Writer Kari Wagner-Peck.

I had a great conversation with The Kathryn Zox, The Social Worker with the Microphone, May 17th. We talked about foster-care and social workers, of which I am one, as social change agents of neurodiversity.

It was wonderful to talk with Rick Tocquigny on Lessons Learned, May 16th about the book and my writing influences– Erma Bombeck, Walt Whitman and Charles Bukowski.

I had a nice chat with Roy Green on Mother’s Day about the release of Not Always Happy: An Unusual Parenting Journey. I loved talking about our journey and resisted being an inspiration.

Maine arts groups prepare to fight Trump in case of budget cuts, January 29, 2017, Bob Keyes

Panel discussion hosted on HuffPost Live on Clinton’s platform on autism and advocacy for individuals with disabilities. #WhatsWorking: Political Gains For Disabilities

Margaret Sullivan, former Public Editor, New York Times– response to my post regarding The Times moderation of readers comment concerning people with Down syndrome.

Media coverage of my open letter to (former) Ethicist for The New York Times– Chuck Klosterman and his response:

USA Today, Best-selling writer rights R-word wrong

Bangor Daily News, Alex Steed, Kari Wagner-Peck on “the r-word” and Chuck Klosterman’s apology

Love That Max, Ellen Seidman, A mom seeks justice—and gets an amazing apology

Huff Post Live’s, Nancy Redd, How To Tell Your Child They’re Different

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  1. Hello Kari, I auditioned to tell your story. I haven’t heard back with yea or nay. Just wondered if you were still looking for a narrator. I hope you and your family are well and very happy! Shelly vanderGaag

  2. Hi my name is Chris. Im a student at Towson university in Maryland. I really like your blog and I am doing a project on it. I would love to get in touch with you and ask you a few questions if you have time.

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