A story while making dinner

While we were making pizza last night– Thorin suddenly twirled, stopping in front of me. He clapped his hands together and said:

T:         “And then, Jimmy Allen…”

K:        “Who’s that?”

(and so on, Reader)

“An old friend.”

“Where’d you meet him?”

“At a pool.”

“Tell me about this guy.”

“He eats a lot of cake—birthday cake, chocolate cake, chocolate chip cake.”

“How tall is he?”

“He’s a big giant man! Ba-P! Ba-P!”

“When did you last see him?”

twp and kwp feet w dev

Reading on the porch this afternoon. Thorin just started the Magic Tree House series.

“Last Friday.”

“How are you sure it was Friday.”

“Because I came here.”

“Are you only here on Fridays?”


“Who’s that keen kid who’s here the other six days of the week?” *

“The End!”

“Could it be—to be continued?”


* I had used the words “cool kid” but Thorin asked if I’d “keen.”