Our Reality TV Moment

Nothing like the last minute for a Down Syndrome Awareness Month, 2018 post:)

Taublieb Films came to Portland, Maine from Malibu, California a couple weeks ago to film us. Our family will be part of Special Olympics 50th Year Anniversary documentary-short film series produced in collaboration with ESPN.

IMG_0307 (1)

photo credit: Taublieb Films

Thorin has loved Special Olympics since he was 9. Most of his other activities are inclusive– which means he is usually the only kid with a visible disability and almost always the only kid with Down syndrome. Special Olympics has been an important community for Thorin.

The film crew was Paul (Taublieb), David and Dave. They were awesome and authentically into learning about disability. Dave is 21 years-old and putting himself through college. After Thorin read from The Magic Tree House Series Dave said, “I read those, too!”

When he noticed Thorin watching Ben 10 on his iPad he said, “I liked Ben 10!”

When I relayed that the best way to clean an apartment with a kid was to crank En Vogue and sparkle, sparkle. Dave said, “That’s what my mom did.”

Dave saw Thorin– who has Down syndrome– was like him. And- that has been the entire point of my writing about our lives for the last eight years.


Dave and Thorin

How did we get to be a part of this surreal moment? Not entirely clear but super grateful to contribute.  Our story is part of a segment titled ‘Parents With A Megaphone.’ The film is about three parents who have children with Down syndrome and are advocates. The real stars of the short film are Gail Williamson — Jamie Brewer’s agent among many other actors and John C. McGingley   notably from Scrubs.

As my friend Gina– said, “You’re the regular parent. The one who thinks they can’t do anything. That’s important right now.”

If interested in seeing us click here now!

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