What Down Syndrome Looks Like

Thorin doesn’t want to talk about Down syndrome. I don’t know why– he doesn’t say. I did ask if he would draw Down syndrome. He said: “Yes.”

EPSON scanner image

What Down Syndrome Looks Like- by Thorin

I said, “Can you tell me what’s going on?” Probably the worst question ever for an abstractionist. But I’m convinced Mrs. Pollack was constantly asking, “Jackson, tell me more, Son.”

Thorin’s answer was: “Squirt guns on the beach! Water. Waves! Bubba, You, Daddy, my sister Jade, Aunt Betty and Uncle Matt, Walt, Coco, Smudge, Aunt Sally, Ella, Johannah, Evvy, Shone, Jimmy, Liz Peck, Aunt Nancy, her Amy, Johnny Boy, Uncle Bob and Aunt Amy, Pop-Pop, Nanna, Aunt Carolyn, Uncle Phil, Spencer, Addie, Ben, Uncle Andy, Mada, Fiona, Maggie, Henry, Caleb, Kelly and Al. Baseball!”

“Wow. That sounds awesome!”


“You blow me away.”

“I know, Mommy.”


11 thoughts on “What Down Syndrome Looks Like

  1. And there in one perfect sentence you have it, all the names of the people he knows and love. For what is art for an abstractionist but pure love? He blows me away too!

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