Boots on the Ground: Canvassing for Clinton with Thorin

Ward, Thorin and myself canvassed together on Sunday for Hillary Clinton and Maine democrats. Thorin and I went out again on Monday—yes, Halloween. Clinton volunteer-by-day and Shrek-by-night!

The major challenge:

Thorin was for Donald Trump. Not because he’s such a fan but because I’m for Hillary. He said things like: “You marry Donald Trump!”

“I’m about a million years too old, okay!”

“I Donald Trump bride!”

I bit my tongue. Obliviously I was thinking: “That would certainly clenched the vote in Hillary’s favor!”

The strengths of our endeavor:

Canvassing is civics unschooling style. Thorin being with Ward and I as we talked to strangers’ about issues and candidates was real world learning.

We met a couple – one was a Republican and the other a Democrat. They were awesome! I wanted to become their best friends. When they asked where we lived I wanted to say: “Why? Do you want us to come over for movie night?” It helped that the Republican was abstaining in voting for President.

People were surprisingly real in talking about politics— from the worried voters to the voter who got a little upset. One woman said: “I don’t want to make your job tougher, but it isn’t any of your business.” She reminded me of my dad. He thought voting was sacred and private. I told her I was just happy she spoke to us. I’m glad Thorin got to hear that exchange.

Canvassing isn’t about swaying votes. It’s about connection. Engaging with people you don’t know in a civil way who you may or may not agree with your point of view is important. We are actually in this together.


Thorin is now for Hillary Clinton! When I asked why he said: “I like girls.” I’ll take it.

When I cast my vote next week it will be for me and Bubba who never got to vote for a girl.



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