Whip! The Mayonnaise.

To answer your question, we are still homeschooing/unschooling or whatever you call a mish mosh of love and learning. For months Thorin has asked me not to post his creations. Today he said yes– so you’re in for a treat.

Sometimes we use curriculum type materials. One of our favorite sites is Super Teacher Worksheets. They ask pertinent questions like: Would you eat a eye ball burger? They provide the eyeball, the rest is up to Thorin’s imagination. His work-in-progress below. Enjoy!

I Love You, Eye Ball Cheese Burger

Mr. Hacknees is a smelly, yucky, kicky man with blue and white hair. He bought human eye balls at Hannaford’s to make a eye ball cheese burger.

He invited Thorin to dinner. Thorin sat at a table in the living room.

Mr. Hacknees puts the burger in front of Thorin.

EPSON scanner image

“Hello Burger!” Thorin said.

“It smells in here, “ said the Burger.

“Gross!”Mr. Hacknees.

“Oh, god, I farted, “ said Burger.

A robot named Smudge* showed up. She was white, blue, orange and pink. She played a ukulele and sang:

“Oh! Yeah! The burger we made!”

“Oh! Yeah! The burger we made!”

Mr. Hacknees got excited: “Bbbuuuurrrrppppp!”

Smudge smacked her lips and reached for the burger.

The Burger bounced up and down really high to the ceiling and stuck to it.

Smudge the robot sings:

Pppfffttt – Pppfffttt – Kahhhh

Pppfffttt – Pppfffttt – Kahhhh

Whip! The Mayonnaise.

Whip! The Mayonnaise.

Mr. Hacknees leaves to shoot hoops on the porch.

Thorin and Smudge sing:

Whip! The Mayonnaise.

Thorin tells me the story. I type it up. We read it several times. He will then write it out by hand on graph paper. True Creating takes time.

*Smudge is our new dog. More on her later.

2 thoughts on “Whip! The Mayonnaise.

  1. I’ve come from the live performance version on Instagram and it’s fabulous and creative! (I notice farts seem to be a running theme, oh the joy of having a boy lol) :)

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