Self-advocate, John Frank Stephens on the R-word

This is what you need to know:

Gary Owen’s is a “comedian” who says horrible things about people with intellectual disabilities. In reference to his cousin: “Tina’s retarded. She’s not slow. It’s full-blown.”

He makes fun of her contracting an STD, and acts out what he assumes sex must be like for a person with an intellectual disability. He regales his audience with his interpretation of Special Olympians:“The 100-meter dash is the funniest shit you’ll want to see, because it’s literally eight people running with no arm swing.”

Yes, his audience laughed. Yes, he is despicable.

John Franklin Stephens is a self-advocate who has Down syndrome and a Special Olympics Global Messenger. In 2012, he authored the open letter to the horror that is Ann Coulter.

Yesterday, Mr. Stephens took on Mr. Owens. His post on HuffPost: How Bad Is Gary Owen’s Comedy Routine on Showtime? is brilliant.

Not only do I encourage you to read his post but please sign the petition at the bottom of his essay because Mr. Owens is a full-blown bully.



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