What a Terrific Week

I was in awe of Thorin most of last week. Honestly, that could be any week but this was a particularly stellar week.

The thought I had over and over was I couldn’t have done any of this when I was his age. I was too timid and too self-conscious.

On Tuesday, I walked into the theater with all the other parents for performance day. For the first time in 13 months Thorin was not waiting for me in the audience but with his peers next to the stage. He yelled at me: “Hey, click, click, phone, okay, Mom?” As he walked onto the stage I held my breath and I heard behind me a parent whisper: “Look he’s doing it!”  Thorin volunteered to go first and he was even a little hammy. While he got his coat his theater teacher and I cried. For more on this please read: Macbeth: The Journey.

Center stage

Center stage

On Thursday, dance class was parent day. We are allowed in the studio twice a year. Every other parent remembered to have their child wear a Halloween costume. I apologized to Thorin who said: “It’s okay.” We quickly added a knit hat to his dance ensemble. I told him his costume was Brooklyn Hipster. He yelled from his spot: “Hey, click, click, phone, okay, Mom?” The hour spent watching he and his peers run through their warm-up and dance routine sped by.

When we got home we met with our sewing teacher Kyler. Yes, we are learning to sew. Last year we started cooking. I’m never going to give the Pioneer Woman a run for her money but for someone who mostly ate cheese and olives before she found a man who cooked I do okay. Our project for 2 weeks had been a pillowcase for trick and treating. We finished it that night just in time for Halloween. Expect much more on sewing with Kyler!

Kyler and Thorin with pillowcase

Kyler and Thorin with pillowcase

Friday, for the first time Thorin agreed to send one of his photos into a contest.

Spooky Street

Spooky Street

Later that day at movie class Thorin became frustrated with 3 females –Evvy, Ella and me– talking non-stop. After his friends left he said: “Girls and mommies talk too much and not listen.”

I told him: “Today you are a man, my son.”

Even if I didn’t “click, click, phone” any of this I would never forget it.

P.s. – I just realized the activities where Thorin is learning with peers he is included effortlessly. It escaped my notice because it happens naturally and in a way most children experience everyday.

8 thoughts on “What a Terrific Week

  1. I love the look of pride on his face at the end of the dancing video, I felt his joy come straight to my heart !!! :-))) Thank you for sharing Thorin and Kari ;-)

  2. What a momentous week! I love the photo for the contest. It seems like he enjoys the photos of his accomplishments as much as mom does, which is fun.

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