Totally Normal: Episode 3: Alien City

This is the third installment of the series Totally Normal. For other episodes: Episode 1: Who’s Asking? and  Episode 2: Not Alone

Each episode of Totally Normal is conceived and produced in about an hour. It is a weekly class that is part of Thorin’s unschool/homeschool experience. His co-star and the series writer is Ella Parker who attends middle school in a public school setting.

Enjoy Alien City!

Please share this unfolding story about being different.

6 thoughts on “Totally Normal: Episode 3: Alien City

  1. I have a question about your home schooling program. I have seen unschooling as a descriptor in conjunction with parents that don’t follow a curriculum who let their children decide what they are interested in. I don’t get the feeling that you are following that school of thought. What curriculum are you using?

    • Hi Jodie! I am going to answer this in a post soon. That said i do a combo of unschooling – as you said directed by Thorin’s interests and I use a mix of material some curriculum in nature and other things I found. I am creating a mish mosh that seems to work. More later:)

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