6 Types of Strangers You May Meet If Your Child Has Down Syndrome

Unwanted commentary by strangers about my 8-year-old son who has Down syndrome is a common occurrence. Please jump over to The Mighty to read a bitingly funny post: http://themighty.com/2015/09/6-types-of-strangers-you-may-meet-if-your-child-has-down-syndrome/#ixzz3mStaidfC

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About Kari Wagner-Peck

Kari Wagner-Peck lives with her husband and son in Maine. She is a writer & storyteller who home schools with her son. She has a M.S.W. and has been at various times a practicing social worker, documentary videographer, film festival director and retail clerk. She is the author of Not Always Happy: An Unusual Parenting Journey, May, 2017, Central Recovery Press. She has been published at The New York Times Well Family blog, The Huffington Post, The The Good Men Project, The Sydney Morning Herald Daily Life blog, BLOOM and Love That Max among others. Author page: kariwagnerpeck.com Twitter @KariWagnerPeck and Facebook: www.facebook.com/NotAlwaysHappyLive/ Email: kariwagnerpeck@gmail.com

8 thoughts on “6 Types of Strangers You May Meet If Your Child Has Down Syndrome

  1. Love this. Funny and spot on.
    Most apply to my kid too (SOD/ONH) We’ve had the starers, the experts, the “angels”, the penny givers and the huggers (which admittedly my Ashley really doesn’t mind).
    All this fuss, though well meaning, misses the point that our kids are … Well, kids! Noisy, quiet, sulky, giggly, funny, annoying…. who, as you say, happen to have a condition of some sort.

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