Stan Lee, it’s Thorin’s mother calling

Would Thorin ever get to be this great in school? Never is what I am thinking. I hate what brought us here but I am grateful we are HERE. Everyday I am blown away by Thorin. I love how his mind works. Best job I ever had.                                                                      

Stories and drawing by Thorin.

The Baseball Game 

Thor, Hulk, Iron Man and Hawkeye are playing baseball. Thor hits the ball with his Hammer. Hawkeye hits it with a arrow.

Drawing by Thorin

Drawing by Thorin

Iron Man flies the ball. Hulk smashes the ball through the house.

They try to stop Hulk. He hits them.

He eats Loki.

The End


The Library

Hulk is at the library with the Baby Avengers. He eats the books and some people.

The woman says: “Shhhhh!” and “Quiet!”

The End 

Drawing by Thorin

Drawing by Thorin

For more Thorin stories:Stephen King Has Nothing on My KidCollaborative Storytelling: Liz Peck and Jello.

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