What I wish others understood about my son with Down syndrome

March 21st is the 15th anniversary of World Down Syndrome Day and I want people to know a few things about my son. Ellen Seidman who authors the blog ‘Love That Max’ along with doing many other things and writing many other places gave me the opportunity to guest post on her blog. I hope you will follow this link to read the post. I believe you will find it worthwhile:

What I wish others understood about my son with Down syndrome

P.s. Ellen Seidman is an amazing person who truly embraces and creates community. We are lucky to have her. XXOO, Kari

7 thoughts on “What I wish others understood about my son with Down syndrome

  1. Love this. Currently kids in my son’s class are assigned to play with him at recess. This is very hard for me to handle, however my fear is no one would play with him if it wasn’t for this. Don’t get me wrong, I love his school and all the kids, but he is very much “taken care of” like he’s everyone’s baby brother.

  2. The fact that you need to actually spell out considerations for how to act with a sense of humanity disturbs my mind and soul. I also wonder whether or not people are actually reflecting on the end result of intellectual, cultural, and spiritual conformity…which is what being an “A” student oftentimes boils down to for me: 1.) a person who doesn’t take risks 2.) a person who has failed to cultivate an appreciation for the significance of imagination 3.) a person who highly regards procedural questions and eschews debatable ones. EMM

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