A smattering of my year on Facebook –

A smattering doesn’t sound too terrible does it? Some little bit of life in photo & text in absolutely no particular order even chronologically so-please-stop-trying-to-make-me-linear-already!




Daddy as The Beast from 'Beauty and the Beast'

Daddy as The Beast from ‘Beauty and the Beast’


“7:10 this a.m. my phone rings. It’s Thorin calling me from the den with Ward’s phone.

“Where is remote”? he asked.

“Wrong number” I said. Click.”  




“We all slept until 9:30 this morning including the dogs. I’m worried we were roofied. Nothing is missing though so i think it’s okay.”  

Blue Velvet

A very Blue Velvet discovery


  Yesterday I threatened military school. He asked if the dogs could go.

He's taken this "No" thing too far

He’s taken this “No” thing too far


Best Homer Simpson moment:

Thorin had the best, dreamy expression on his face:

“Are you thinking of something?” I asked


“Can you tell us what it is?” asked a family friend


“What is it?” I asked expectantly


Daniel Boone cap

“You have a sweet little face” I said. “What about the body?” he asked


Ward corrected me today:”It is not an extra chromosome. It is exactly the amount he was supposed to get. Its just most people have less”.

I hate admitting he might be right about anything but I think the dude is right.

Where Dylan lives with all things Avengers

When I wake up in Thorin’s room and he is in our room, I think well played Thorin and you will never find your Thor helmet today.


He started taking photos again!

He started taking photos again!


Horrible sound followed by" It's Steve!"

Horrible sound followed by” It’s Steve!”


Good morning Thorin


The summer of body surfing

The summer of body surfing


He and I

He and I


Lady in my mom’s book club said, “Your grandson is Down syndrome, right?”

Bubba said,”No, he is not Down syndrome he has Down syndrome. It means a great deal to our family that you don’t see him as just Down syndrome he is Thorin.”

Kid size cone

Second Best Homer Simpson moment



I was spying on them gardening and they were trying to spy on me.


Hysterical laughter from the other room while they are indulging in the-show-i-hate-the-most America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Brief silence followed by Ward saying: “We should get a cat!”

“Yeah!” yells Thorin.



The Constant Gardener because he would not let me post “sexy gardener”.


Static Slider. New Avenger character?

Static Slider. New Avenger character?


Ward took Thorin to bed. Ten minutes later Thorin walks in the den.

“Where’s Daddy?” I asked.

“Sleeping. Shark Tank?”




Sometimes homeschooling is like the best, wackiest road trip movie and sometimes you wonder if you are suffering from Stockholm syndrome.


Fort in the den

Thorin made a fort for he and Walt-the-dog. It troubles me he thinks they need toilet paper.



The happiest snow man ever


“Why aren’t you dancing with me?” I asked

Thorin shrugs.

“Oh, God, you don’t think I’m a dork, do you?”


Matisse inspired:  Walt and the Robot

“You have the soul of an artist.” “Yeah, I know.”

 So I was about 10 when I stopped believing in Santa. I think Thorin figured it out. Every time I say “Santa” he gives me a funny look and doesn’t say anything. I think he is protecting me:)

He titled it: Big Show

He titled it: Big Show


A few people have asked me what the words ‘narrative advocacy’ mean on the blog.

It means telling your story to help people understand something or someone in a way they might not otherwise.

Happy New Year!

20 thoughts on “A smattering of my year on Facebook –

  1. Thanks. Love your reply to the Book Club lady. It isn’t just semantics. This form of language plagues us. “Your son is disabled” “what’s wrong with him?” The disability doesn’t define the person.
    “Narrative Advocacy” I’ve not heard the phrase before and I like it. It’s what I try to do for Ashley on my blog. People like stories/narratives and, although blogs can be a blessed release when life is a struggle, they also give us a fine platform to present our children in a light that shows people how beautiful and valuable they are. It allows us to inform without lecturing or preaching, and to gently show folk that our children are like any other but with an extra facet or two regarding their challenge/disability/condition.
    Your blog does this seemingly without effort. Thorin’s humour and character shine out in your posts.

    ….. now I’ve been nice can I pinch/permanently borrow that phrase? huh? Huh? I’ll credit you. honest :-)

    • Didactic writing is not likely to make people think but almost always makes people feel judged.

      For years I have had my tag line under the blog title: “narrative advocacy + mannered activism with a sense of humor bent on life” I am actually working on a post that elaborates that point. That said I would be honored for you to use it (with credit to me:)

  2. Kari – Thanks for redirecting me to this website. I truly admire you for home schooling your son. You are making it an enriching experience for all involved, not just you and your son, but for those reading your posts. I wish I had known you way back when I was trying to figure out how to educate my daughter. But, that was in the Dark Ages before the Internet. And thanks for following me, too.
    I hope my narratives show some sign of advocacy. Take care, Harriet

    • Harriet, Thank you for your kind words. Your narrative is advocacy. We tell our stories so people will see our children’s humanity. I have great admiration for you. To take what I can only imagine is unbearable pain and making sense of it. I look forward to your journey. Best, K

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