Portrait of an Artist as a Young Boy –

“We learn to do something by doing it. There is no other way

                                                                                 – John Holt

Our son is photographer. I say that with some confidence because he started taking photos on his own without our knowledge and therefore without our prodding. He likes to take pictures. He takes photographs when he wants to. He does not like to be asked to take a photo of a particular thing or person. He will on occasion but I chalk that up to the fact he does have kindly feelings toward me.

I don’t think you can make an artist but you can support one evolving their craft—mostly by staying out of the way. I have posted his photographs here before: POV, Shutter Bug, Warholian Selfies, T’s Photos of Sally’s Garden and Picture This.

Thorin stopped taking photographs for several months. Much, much more on that later in another post. The second hardest thing during that time was not making a thing of it but respecting his decision. The first hardest thing was I knew it was because he was unhappy.

He started up again the same way he did the first time—privately. I found some photos on his iPad. I kept my mouth shut.

He said I could post these. No, he does not want to talk about them. I suspect because it would redundant.

Random selections from a walk including Coco poop using Playskool camera:

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This series of self-portraits started at the end of a walk and continued alone in our bathroom using iPad.


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12 thoughts on “Portrait of an Artist as a Young Boy –

  1. I love his photos, especially the self-portraits. I completely agree – having to talk about your work is ridiculous. Tell me you love my stuff, then leave me the hell alone. (Have you seen the Shifting Perspectives exhibit by any chance? They’re beginning a section of photographs by photographers with Down syndrome….)

      • Kari, I just looked and can’t find it either. (Love the exhibitions, but the website is annoyingly difficult to navigate I find.) I’ll try contacting one of the founders, Richard Bailey. They came to Tokyo with the exhibit. It was stunning. If you can find the pictures of Sarah Gordy reenacting famous paintings in the exhibitions section, that one’s particularly impressive. I also like the series of photos a mother took of her daughter illustrating the textbook Down syndrome features – beautiful girl with stunning red hair. Anyway, I’ll let you know what Richard says.

      • Jenise,

        Thanks a million for getting me the link! Do you want me to put you in touch with Arc and Sarah Lotfi filmmaker? I think if you are willing to make connections for them there it would be a plus. If yes email me at atypicalson@gmail.com Best, kwp

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