Do Yourself a Favor: Find It Funny

You have two basic choices as a mother: find it funny or find it frustrating.

Seven reasons this week leading up to Mother’s Day to find it funny*:

t glasses

1. He tried to flush a roll of toilet paper down the toilet both Monday and Wednesday. He did successfully get one roll in a full tub of water. It matters not that he is working on aim.

2. I found two days’ worth of mail in the dog’s crate. When asked why he did that he pulled a miniature Mjölnir** from his pocket and said, “Look at this!”

3. He locked me and the dogs out of the house. He finally let me in because he wanted breakfast.

4. He is a on a hoodie break because he insists on wearing them like this:

hoodie5. He cried because I refused game four of ‘Don’t Break the Ice’ which is the stupidest fucking game ever. It takes like 13 minutes to put it together for twenty seconds of playing time.

don't break the ice

6. He refused to leave the Rec program on Tuesday so I left him there until closing. He did the same thing on Thursday so I carried him to the car. I told him, “You are a Baby!” He said “You are a “Coco*** Butt!”

7. Friday morning:  “Here are socks. Get your shoes. Get them on.” I walk in 3 minutes later and he is dressed like Hulk. A barefoot Hulk .

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers!


*Unfortunately I didn’t figure out ‘funny’ until today:(

** Mjölnir is the name of Thor’s hammer.

*** Coco is our mini dachshund’s name.

17 thoughts on “Do Yourself a Favor: Find It Funny

  1. I like how specific you are on this- ” It takes like 13 minutes to put it together for twenty seconds of playing time.”

  2. Thats boys for you. Always pushing the envelope. My 8 year old doesn’t want to celebrate Mother’s Day because there is no Boy’s Day. I told him EVERY day is Boy’s Day.

  3. This made me laugh. My four-year-old always wears his hoodies like that. And his coat. Fortunately it’s finally warm outside so maybe he won’t need those anymore.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  4. So adorable! We are just starting to look into adopting a son with DS. How long after the home study did it take to find your son?

    • Hi!

      It was about six or 7 months after the home study. We were not looking for a kid with Ds and in fact had some close calls getting other kids. Feel free also to email me at I am very excited for you!

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