How I Told My Seven Year He Has Down Syndrome

This is a good one but you have to go Huffington Post to read it: do yourself a favor and go now!

24 thoughts on “How I Told My Seven Year He Has Down Syndrome

  1. My sweet older(63) sister Candy, also has super powers….she is the glue that holds my family together (2 parents, 8 siblings, and numerous husbands, nieces, nephews, “greats” of both, etc)…we may not always agree but our common bond is our big sis. She was my parents first child and they just kept going. We knew we were growing up when we surpassed Candy in height, but she always reminded us, she was “still” our older sister and our “boss!” Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. I laughed so hard reading this. The other thing we share in common, besides having supercute little guys (mine being Jaime Otterheart who is six) (yes, his middle name is Otterheart, my secret is out: I act like a tough, crass, intellectual New Yorker on line, but really I am kind of an organic farmer hippie type) Is that my husband also tells me to “Settle Down” to which I reply , “I will never “Settle down” (I come from NYC we just operate on a different frequency than most.) Anyways. Great post as usual. I love the response from your kid, he seems like a real cool guy.
    Liz Tree

  3. Oh my….what a great story. I am the older sister of a young man who also had superpowers. He passed away almost two years ago. I eulogized him at the wake the night before his funeral. My theme was…”will Jerry have Down Syndrome in heaven?”. And the bottom line was, I hope so. His extra chromosome made him such a successful person. His disability made what abilities he had so much stronger…stronger than any of his 7 siblings. He made friends wherever he went. I can count on ONE hand the number of people who didn’t like him, as well as those he didn’t like. He believed in Santa til the day he died. His birthday was his favorite day…I could go on and on and on. YES…I hope he has DS in heaven!

  4. I LOVED your story. I am the mother of a beautiful 21 year old daughter who has cerebral palsy. I remember the day at about 6 or 7 years old that she comes home and tells me that some boy on the play ground called her crippled. I, of course am mortified and pissed!! BUT, she looks at me and says:” what does crippled mean?” All I could do was laugh…thats when I realized she just views herself as a kid not a kid with CP. In other words it bothers others more than it has ever bothered her. She has learned to embrace her differences and take them all in stride. It amazes me how tough kids can be, in a good way and how as parents we stress over things that seem monumental to us and they perfectly ok with! But as a Mom, I guess we never stop worrying! Your son sounds like a sweet love and you are very blessed. Thank you for sharing his story with us.

    • I really do think we all have super powers. Unfortunately some are more valued than others in this narrow world. Yay to parents letting their kids know they rock as is.

      Thanks for commenting! kwp

  5. Loved your story, have a little angel of my own (Jacob) who has just turned 3yrs in August . . Often wondered how to tell him, should I tell him, will he understand , will he be upset by it. . .now I have a story to tell him. . .thank you so much xx

    • Thank you for commenting. Clearly I did not realize how uneventful it would be. He is different but it’s only a big deal if I say it is.

    • Holy crap! I just went to their website! Thank you for pointing me there. I have to see it now. Seriously i have to.

      I do think our son has super powers and I think everyone does. He just really needed to know his. He is empowered by Ds not defeated by it.

      You made my day! Thank you, Kari

  6. I wanted to say merely this: this is gorgeous, and I loved it.
    You handled it PERFECTLY and of course he took it in his remarkably resilient stride.
    Superkids can teach us all valuable lessons!

    • Thank you! Oh, honestly I think all kids are super but I really needed him to know it, too:)

      How fortunate your uncle must have been. Best, K

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