Picture This –

…Art is a by-product of an act of total attention.

                                                  – Dorothea Lange

Our seven year old son’s photographs clearly have composition, depth, perspective and a point of view.

These are not random or accidental images.

These are intentional images.  He takes a photograph then he immediately assesses it. If he likes it he moves on. If he does not like it he re-takes the image until he is satisfied.

His photos are not good for someone with Down syndrome. They are good for someone who is a human being. They are exceptionally good for someone who is seven years old.

People who have *a* disability can also have *a* exceptional ability.

We do not see his art through the lens of disability. Although we have found his photos make people think differently about him as a child who has Down syndrome. But, that says more about how the world sees people with disabilities.

On Tuesday, October 15th, the art teacher at his school placed six of his photos in an exhibit case in the front hall of his school. She did not do this because he has Down syndrome. She did this because he is an artist.

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4 thoughts on “Picture This –

  1. These photos are AMAZING, especially for a 7 year-old. I would love to find out if Thorin would be willing to sell me a copy of one of the buddha-in-the-garden photos …

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