Warholian Selfies –

A recent portrait series of photographs from T! (see below)

Not so welcomed questions regarding his photography:

“Does he know he is taking pictures?”

Actually he thinks he is milking a cow.

“Do you have to show him where the camera is?

He showed me.

“Do you tell him what to take pictures of?”

Clearly you are not a parent. Telling your child to do anything guarantees they won’t do it. So, short answer is “No”.

When he uses effects (black and white, Warholian, etc.) does he figure that out on his own?


Is he really making a decision about taking a photo? Isn’t it  just chance? (Ok, two questions. Nosey much?)

First, why not call that process ‘experimenting’? Second, art, creativity and expression just is. Why question it?

It’s a lot easier to take photos with an iPad. (Ok, technically not a question.)

What’s your point?

A lot of kids take photos. (Again, not technically a question.)

What’s your point?

For more of his work: POV, Shutter Bug and T’s Photos of Sally’s Garden

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4 thoughts on “Warholian Selfies –

  1. Hi Kari- Great post! Hope everything is going well, we should catch up some day when I am back in Portland. Those questions people ask are quite stupid, but very funny!!! BTW: it is crazy to tell T what he is taking a picture of, even though he prob. knows – I would think it would ruin the creative process. Keep of the good work!

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