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Our six year old son kicked a girl in his summer school class last week. One of the teachers was trying to figure out with me what might have happened. 

Our Super Hero

Our Super Hero

She offered a theory, “I know boys are big on super hero characters. I wonder if sometimes they play out those behaviors they are seeing?” To read more check out my post at Empowering Parents.

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  1. Awesome post! I might print this out and give it to Jaime’s Kindergarten teacher and other parents!!!. I too underestimate my kid… ridiculous! What I tell others and my self is just give him 10 extra seconds to respond or do what ever it is.
    And the Professionals do all the time: Of course he knows his name! (and your name too, if you have been his speech therapist for a year!, duh!)
    PS Love the part about Super Heroes not kicking and girls not getting in trouble for “cat fights”. My first kid, so called typically developing, got in “typical ” boy trouble. But let me tell you if he did one tenth of what some of the girls did, in first grade, he would have been expelled…… another huge issue…………………
    Liz Tree

    • It is Basic Human Interaction 101. I am astounded by how low the bar is.

      I keep hearing about Boy behavior vs. Girl behavior. Talk about your stereotypes.

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