The Penalty Phase – Spread the Word to End the Word

As the mother of a six year old son with Down syndrome I am not going to tell you why you should not use the R-Word today.

I will not share with you the affect that word has on my family or anyone’s family today.

I will not tell you what emotion my husband experienced when he overheard a teenage boy whisper to his younger brother “Look, a retard” when he and Thorin walked into a holiday party.

I will not elaborate on what went through my mind when Thorin’s (former) pediatrician agreed to make a referral for osteopathic treatment because “since he’s retarded it could not help or hurt him.”

I will not tell you how I feel when yet another lame ass celebrity uses the R-Word and thinks an “Opps!” is the same as A Pass.

I will not try to appeal to your better self.

I will not argue with you.

I am done relying on ‘you people’ getting educated to the fact the R-word has got to go.

I will not discuss with you why I am angry this day still has relevance.

What I will tell you is this – It is time to ‘pay the Piper’. What this mother wants is a Penalty.

I want you called out, dressed down and thrown to the wolves.spread the word the word to end the word

I want you to stop using the R-word just to stop the pain.

I want employers, schools, organizations and entities of all kind to enforce existing sanctions on hate speech. I want you written up, suspended and dismissed.

I want your parents to take away your video games, smart phones and hair products.

I want your employers, co-workers, student body members, teachers and constituents to report you instead of pretending you didn’t just say that.

I want you to stop accepting that language in your home by a partner, family member or guest. If you would not allow them to use the N-word, the Q-word, the C-word or insert -your-worse-word-here do not allow that word.

I want us to boycott the films, television shows, radio programs, sports programming, etc. of celebrities who use the R-word. No more Pass. Apologies are no longer enough. For the Howard Stern’s, Jennifer Aniston’s and Ann Coulter’s of the world your tenuous relevancy is headed to a shelf life that has already expired.

I want us to start being proactive rather than reactionary. The R-word is out there every day. We do not have to wait until someone says it.

I want celebrities who hold the public interest to come out in support of abandoning the R-word. Justin Bieber your charge is a PSA stating that “I don’t kiss girls who use the R-word.” (Really, Justin, however you want to say it. I hate to dictate to an artist.)

I want you non-celebrities to realize you are part of the problem. Those of us that accept the R-word in our presence are just as guilty. I am speaking to you today. I am enlisting you in the penalty phase of eradicating this word from our speech. I am holding you accountable.

For those of you who insist on using the R-word I do not care if you ever understand why these consequences that will hopefully one day rain down on you are ‘just and righteous’.

I do not care why you stop using the R-word. I just want you to stop.

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7 thoughts on “The Penalty Phase – Spread the Word to End the Word

  1. Yup. Let’s put our money and attention towards those who deserve it. Haven’t bought a thing from Fisher Price since I learned they had advertised on Ann Coulter’s site.

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