Jumping The Shark –

So many of us are now writing about our children, our lives in the blogosphere. One mother I didn’t need to hear from this week – who weighed in on the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School – was the author of the blog post – “I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother”. She shares she is also “…Dylan Klebold’s and Eric Harris’s mother…James Holmes’s mother…Jared Loughner’s mother (and)…Seung-Hui Cho’s mother.” (Except she really isn’t because her kid hasn’t killed anyone. He hasn’t really hurt anyone. And he is alive.)

She gives verbatim descriptions of her troubled son’s behavior. She states she “is terrified of him”. She posts his photograph but “to protect his identity” not his name. Maybe no one in her town owns a television whereby they could have seen her on  “The Today Show”. She appeared in person to talk in-depth and in great detail about her son.

I don’t find what she did helpful for anyone – particularly her child.

I did however find it SENNN-SSSSSATIONAL! The end of her online post summed it up for me. There were numerous pleas to ‘vote for (her) blog’! She wants to be a winner! (She has amassed close to three million hits on her website so far!) 

There are a few weeks every year in network television when the Nielsen Media Research takes its regular survey of TV viewing habits. You can usually tell when it is – your favorite shows are overtaken with guest stars, crazy plot-lines and cringe-making story telling. All guaranteed to make you tune in. It’s called Sweeps Weeks, folks!

Lisa Long, author of the post, had her own Sweeps Week – this week – at the expense of another human being who is real and not a character and is her son.

My heart ached reading the post. Not because of how hard it must be for her as a ‘mother’ but how hard it must be for him as a ‘son’.

Wasn’t this week bad enough for kids?

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About Kari Wagner-Peck

Kari Wagner-Peck lives with her husband and son in Maine. She is a writer & storyteller who home schools with her son. She is the author of the memoir Not Always Happy: An Unusual Parenting Journey, May, 2017, Central Recovery Press. She has been published at CNN, Psychology Today online, The New York Times Well Family blog, The Huffington Post, The The Good Men Project, The Sydney Morning Herald Daily Life blog, BLOOM and Love That Max among others. Author page: kariwagnerpeck.com Twitter @KariWagnerPeck and Facebook: www.facebook.com/NotAlwaysHappyLive/ Email: kariwagnerpeck@gmail.com

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