Short hair –

I posted a couple photos of T.’s haircut yesterday without explanation because I didn’t have time. News flash – working mothers don’t have a lot of time.

(check out Dirt Hippie No More and Kurt Cobain without the angst posts)

A few days after my post Dude Looks Like A Lady, Part 2, my husband took T. to a barber and had his haircut. When they came through the door I was sad because his hair had obviously meant something to me. But, I said, “You look awesome!” He did look awesome. I also didn’t want him to think there was anything wrong with his short hair – because there isn’t. I told myself it was good because he had a sinus infection and I had been cleaning snot and Italian ice out of his hair for a few days. I ignored the fact my husband said upon presenting our newly shorn son, “No one will think he’s a girl!” because it wasn’t done in spite – it was just done.

I have heard ad nauseam from teachers at his school, “He looks so grown up!” “He looks like a big boy!” “He’s so mature.”

Short hair = The Man.

For now, Rebels 0    The Man 1

Postscript – I dig a guy who wears a tutu and flannel.

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